Key documents

Key documents

Filton Town Council Key Documents 

Date Document Adopted

Date Document Reviewed 

Standing Orders
Standing Orders   (April 2022)
May 2022Being reviewed May 2023
Covid19 Supplementary Standing OrdersJune 2020
Financial Regulation s 2022May 2022Being reviewed May 2023
Notice of Conclusion of AuditJanuary 2021
Complaints PolicyMay 2022Being reviewed May 2023
External Audit 2020-21May 2021 
AGAR Guidelines (pages 1-2)
AGAR Internal Audit 20-21 (page 3)
AGAR Statement of Governance (page 4)
AGAR Statement of Accounts (page 5) AGAR External Audit Certificate (page 6)
June 2021 
Notice of Public Rights of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountabilty ReturnJune 29th 2022 
Audited Financial Statement of Accounts 2020-21June 2021 
Filton Town Council – Internal Audit Report 2021-22March 2022 

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22

July 2022 

Leisure Operating Contract – Filton Town Council – Elm Park – As Signed 11.07.22 redacted signatures

July 2022 
Employer’s Agent Agreement – As Signed 11.07.22 redacted signaturesJuly 2022 
Lease – As signed 11.07.22 redacted signaturesJuly 2022 
Collateral Warranty – Build Contractor to Authority – As signed 11.07.22 redacted signatuesJuly 2022 
Building Contract – As Signed 11.07.22 redacted signaturesJuly 2022 
Notice of Audit Annual Governance and Accountability year End 2021September 2022 
Annual Governance Statement 2021-22September 2022 
External Audit Report and Certificate 2021-22September 2022 
Filton Town Council Internal Audit Report – March 2023March 2023 
Notice of public rights and publication of unaudited annual governance and accountability return27th June 2023 
Annual Governance Statement 2022-2327th June 2023 
Accounting Statement 2022-2327th June 2023 
Unaudited financial statements 202327th June 2023 
Accounting Statement 22-23- Filton Town Council – AGAR Form including external Audit Report3rd October 2023 
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