Elm Park

History of Elm Park

History of Elm Park

The field was originally leased, but was finally purchased from Bristol Corporation in the late 1950’s. Money was raised through fund raising and a long term loan was taken out through the PWLB. A current balance of approx £1,000 is outstanding to date at a rate of 3.75%.

During 2002 an outline planning application for the Combination Ground in Filton was submitted for industrial warehouses. If the development went ahead, part of the planning agreement would be for the developer to make a contribution towards alternative recreational facilities in Filton.

This would be in the region of £ £200,000 – 400,000, which had been requested towards the refurbishment of the Pool. A meeting of local people was called and public consultation carried out by the community profile group Filton People, the study was called ‘What Filton People Want’.

This group no longer exists but  a summary of the outcome has been published. From this ,suggestions included improvements to the BMX track, a skatepark, extension to the play area, improvements to the boules piste, public notice boards, improvements to pitches, Christmas lights, Canberra Grove play areas, Shield Road playing fields and enhancements to the leisure centre.

Filton Elm Park
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