Accessibility Statement


Accessibility statement for Filton Town Council

This website is managed by Filton Town Council and developed by YZ DESIGNS. The aim of both parties is to make the website accessible to as many people as possible. Our website uses an accessibility widget to improve usership of the site for everyone.

As a result, you should be able to effectively do the following on our website using the widget in the right-hand corner of our webpage:

  • Increase Text
  • Decrease Text
  • Grayscale
  • High Contrast
  • Negative Contrast
  • Light Background
  • Links Underline
  • Readable Font

Technical information about this website’s accessibility

The accessibility features of the site are built into the accessibility icon on the right hand side of the page. Click on the icon to reveal the accessibility plug in options for the site. This makes changing the display of the site easy.

By clicking on this, all the accessibility features pop up in a box, allowing the user to navigate the website in a way tailored to them.

Microsoft have launched this helpful Windows keyboard navigation shortcuts guide, which can help you to navigate the site using just your keyboard. 

If you use Apple, this Apple keyboard navigation guide can help you use this feature on our site. 

Non accessible content

Not all images may have alt. text descriptions. We are working towards adding alt text to any images that have information or relevant text on them.

Contacting us about website accessibility

  • If there are areas of the website that you are finding are not accessible or failing to meet your needs, you can contact us for support and to make suggestions by phone, email or in person.
  • The Council Offices are open Monday – Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.
  • The Council Offices are located at Elm Park, Filton, South Gloucestershire, BS34 7PS.
  • Call The Town Council Office on 01454 866698
  • You can contact the office by email on our contact page


We always welcome feedback and would love to hear from you if you have any comments relating to the accessibility of our website. We strive to make our site as accessible as possible and would like to know if any areas of our website fall short.

If you are experiencing any problems with our website, please get in touch and we will aim to resolve the issue promptly. We are also very open to suggestions on how we can improve the overall accessibility of our website, so please feel free to send us your thoughts.

Enforcement regulations

Website accessibility regulations are enforced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). If you are unsatisfied with how Filton Town Council respond to you complaints relating to website accessibility, please contact EHRC on the Advisory and Support Service (EASS) website.

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