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Committees and functions

Appointments to Committees were made at the Annual General Meeting

Commitees & Functions

Committee Membership 2017/18

The following appointments to Committees were made at the Annual General Meeting of the Council on 27th June 2017:

  • Chair: Councillor Darryl Collins
Committees and functions

Committee Members

  • Cllr K Briffett
  • Cllr M Chaudhry
  • Cllr D Collins (Chair – Full Council Meetings)
  • Cllr A Kenyon
  • Cllr D Layade
  • Cllr B Mead (Vice Chair – Finance & General Purposes)
  • Cllr A Monk
  • Cllr I Scott (Chair – Finance & General Purposes)
  • Cllr R Taylor (Vice Chair – Full Council Meetings)
  • Cllr E Seymour
  • Cllr A Tink
  • Cllr J Tucker

Chairs of Committees are elected at the first meeting of the committee.


Council Representatives

  • ALCA – South Glos Group                                                     Darryl Collins
  • Children’s Playlink                                                                  Adam Monk
  • Communities against Hate Crime                                          Town Clerk and John Tucker
  • Viridor Liaison Committee
  • Safer and Stronger Community Group
  • Filton Community Assoc Council                                            Alan Tink
  • Filton Library Consultative Committee                                    Anne Kenyon
  • Filton Sure Start Management Cttee                                      Adam Monk and Town Clerk
  • Four Towns and Vale Link                                                       Keith Briffett and Anne Kenyon
  • N Bristol Advise Centre
  • North Fringe Parishes Forum                                                  Darryl Collins and Lesley Reuben
  • Parish Sites Inspection Panel
  • Parish Tree Wardens                                                              Anne Kenyon, Darryl Collins
  • Public Transport Forum                                                          Ian Scott
  • Pyramid Youth Club                                                                Brian Mead
  • SHE7                                                                                      Darryl Collins
  • FACE                                                                                      Darryl Collins
  • Southern Brooks Community Partnership                              Darryl Collins and John Tucker
  • Splatts Abbey Wood                                                               Anne Kenyon, Darryl Collins
  • Twinning Assoc Management Committee                              Darryl Collins, Alan Tink
  • (Chair, Vice Chair + 5 elected members)                               Anne Kenyon, John Tucker
  • Volunteer Centre                                                                    Town Clerk and Darryl Collins
  • Community Garden                                                                Anne Kenyon