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Twinning Association

Twinned with St Vallier sur-Rhône, France and Witzenhausen, Germany

Welcome to the Twinning Association

Filton, South Gloucestershire, England. Twinned with St Vallier sur-Rhône, France and Witzenhausen, Germany.

Filton is twinned with 2 European towns – St Vallier, which is in the Drôme district of France just south of Lyon, and Witzenhausen which is in the Hessen district of Germany.

“Twinning” is the partnering of towns and villages in the United Kingdom with towns and villages in countries throughout the world to foster relations and friendship between the communities involve.

Become a Member

Why not become a member, enjoy our social events and the opportunity to see and experience every day life as lived by our European neighbours.

We are always pleased to welcome new members to our Association. For visitors directed to this site by the Bristol Tourist Office.

If you wish to visit Concorde at Filton then tickets are available from 0870 3000 578 or and cost £12.50 each.

Please note that the Filton Twinning Association is not affiliated in anyway to the Concorde at Filton website or it’s organisers.