Due to increases in energy costs, likely reductions in income due to Covid recovery and also other construction costs, there has been a number of delays with the project moving forward. Active Nation presented to the Council some alternative options for the Council to consider on delivering the new facility.  Members discussed all options in detail with any risks considered.

I can confirm that in an ex-ordinary meeting it was resolved to move forward with the option that :-

  • Maintains the delivery of the new Leisure Centre in a timely fashion with construction starting in July 2022 and has the new Centre open in Aug 2023
  • Presents a similar management fee to the other options.
  • The net income to the Council including borrowing would be less than originally presented, although there would be higher costs in the first five years.

With the global economy changing daily it was felt that a well-informed decision was needed rather to delay a decision by waiting for further meetings.

Filton Town Council plan to hold an open session with press and public welcome. Plans, timelines and discussion on the rationale as to why the preferred option was chosen will all be available.

Lesley Reuben
Town Clerk & RFO

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