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The Community Garden project commenced in 2012 with a simple idea of creating a space and focal point for the community to come together to not only enjoy relaxing and playing in but also be part of its creation.

Now two years on the garden has become much loved part of the community and has won a number of awards from national bodies including the RHS who described it as the best garden of its type and a benchmark for others.

The Chairman’s report below details the progress so far and aspirations for the future.

Report of Chair – April 2017

It has been another hugely successful year for the Community Garden and each and every one of our Committee and volunteers should be proud of their achievements. It has been apparent to me that more people are visiting the garden and complimenting us on the work we have done.

When we planted the rose garden in 2016 we could not have envisaged how well the garden would develop, all through the summer the roses produced an abundance of beautiful flowers with delicious fragrances, this has been an outstanding success. It is a wonderful tribute to Doug Daniels to whom it was dedicated.

The creation of the bee conservation area has demonstrated our commitment to the environment and sustainability. Plants were carefully selected to encourage bees, houses were made and a water supply provided, this work was complimented by the wildflower meadow. All this planning proved its worth with so many bees attracted to the area, we have in our small way improved the habitat for wild solitary bees.

We have now provided nameplates for all of the trees and shrubs giving valuable knowledge to members of the public and in particular children, this can only enhance the experience of visiting the garden.

The Garden Fete in July was once again a huge success with the traditional Punch and Judy entertaining children and adults alike complimented by other activities, the stalls were very busy. It was good to see more variety this year with the cake and bottle stalls both of which were hugely successful  as were plant sales and the raffle, the £400 profit has come in very useful.

Whilst a little stressful the RHS inspection is a very enjoyable occasion, we are able to showcase the garden to an expert and receive a valued opinion. This year Denise James visited the garden for the assessment and like others before she was really impressed, it was nice that she took time to talk to us collectively and individually about the various aspects of the garden. Whilst it is never a forgone conclusion I was confident that we would be awarded outstanding for the third year in a row and this was confirmed in Taunton in October, very well done everyone.

Towards the end of March we embarked on two more adventurous projects in the the tree carving an the orchard. The carving drew many visitors into the garden and from a simple plan Andy O’neil  created something special, the owl is magnificent, full of detail and content and the hedgehog at the base of the tree is a great favourite of children visitors.

Our vision for the orchard was to involve the young people of Filton to give the project longevity and so we invited children from our three primary schools to plant several varieties of apples, pears and cherries. It was a lovely occasion and much enjoyed by the children and other adults involved.

We hope when the trees bear fruit that residents will enjoy the produce for many years to come. In my opinion the Community Garden is the best addition to Filton in many years and the fact that it has been created by volunteers makes it more special.

A big well done to everyone involved you are a credit to Filton.

Dave Mikkelson

Chair Filton Community Garden, Bristol.

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